About Ameigh

My name is Marilyn [Ameigh] Moore and I am retired. Crocheting has been a hobby of mine for 50 years or more. My grandmother taught me crocheting and knitting as well as sewing in my youth. She loved them too.

This is me.

I live in New York State in the USA. We have Winter with snow here and it is nice to sit with a cup of hot coffee looking out at it and crochet. In Summer I love to sit in the shade outside and crochet. We are in the country so we have birds chirping away most of the time and lots of trees, shrubs, and hillsides to enjoy.

Ameigh’s Baby and Toddler Crochet was created to offer home-made items for babies and toddlers to wear. Baby and toddler clothes are often so cute and the are fun to create. Each baby and toddler item is unique in some way or another – maybe a color combination, applica, stitch pattern, color placement, or design customization.

My other site is Ameighs-Crochet-Knit.com and you are welcome to check it out.

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